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TardencubaEzequiel Ramos was born in a humble farming family and although most of his life was devoted to farming, the lastest 20 years of his life, he combined that work with his work as a wine brokerage in Venialbo, where five million liters were elaborated by 180 families in the village.

Eduardo Sanchez, from the same generation, created a large family in which one of the main business was the viticulture and wine.

Without knowing that was the beginning of TARDENCUBA

Son and daughter from both families got married, and from this union Bodega Ramon Ramos was born.

The descendants of this marriage, Jose Ramos Sanchez and Ramón Ramos Sanchez, founded TARDENCUBA.

Three generations among grapes, wine and oaks, together with the knowledge acquired from our parents and grandparents, are the pillars of TARDENCUBA.

The new generation has brought up new knowledge, has opened the world to this wine and given a colorful and dynamic touch that makes TARDENCUBA a traditional wine cellar but aware of the present needs.

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Camino de la Centinela s/n, 49153, Venialbo - Zamora (España) - Tlf. (+34) 980 57 30 80 -  Fax (+34) 980 57 32 41
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