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First of July, sunrise, my legs, my whole body, my soul, ask me for a walk. To enjoy the roads that cross Venialbo.

The heat has not started yet and still allows the nice smell of damp coming from the vines just carved.

TARDENCUBA grows on top of the mountain, easy, quiet, knowing what it holds inside.

There, involve in silence, is waiting for the visit of a traveler, a sommellier, client, friend...

The perfect place to enjoy the unique nuances that nature offers us with a great wine.

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Tardecuba Wineries and Vineyards
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Camino de la Centinela s/n, 49153, Venialbo - Zamora (España) - Tlf. (+34) 980 57 30 80 -  Fax (+34) 980 57 32 41
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